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Tap Aerators

Tap Aerators

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Tap Aerators restrict the flow of water from your tap without reducing water pressure or affecting the wash and rinse effect. In some home the taps in the bathroom or kitchen can flow up to 18 litres a minute, just imagine how much water and energy is wasted if the taps are left running whilst cleaning teeth or washing the dishes. The ecocamel water & energy saving tap aerator will reduce the flow rate on all taps around the home to a mere 5 litres a minute, saving up to 12 litres a minute and reducing the amount of water you use in the home by more than 60%.

This simple and cost effective solution is guaranteed to make your tap outlet extremely water and energy efficient. The ecocamel system employs intelligent flow control (PCA) which self-compensates for system pressure. The tap aerator will fit up to 85% of taps with screwed outlets and is available on a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • Reduces waste of water and energy, by up to 60% on most taps
  • Flow rate of 5 litres a minute compared to standard wasteful output of up to 15 litres
  • Offers savings up to 300% on water usage on taps with uncontrolled stream
  • Easy to fit - converts wash basins in the home or workplace with minimum interruption
  • Fully aerated stream limiting splash
  • High quality construction
  • Contains anti-limescale materials approved to BS6920 for potable water
  • Aerated stream reduces detergent use when washing - thereby helping the environment
  • Enhanced velocity of stream added to aeration gives improved comfort of use
  • The Ecocamel tap aerator is produced for Ecocamel by the world leader in flow and stream control technology with original equipment manufacturer product proven over 2 decades

Each pack contains the following items:

  • 1 x 5 litres a minute aerator with Intelligent Flow Control
  • 1 x chrome housing (male or female fitting)
  • 1 x replacement washer

The Ecocamel Tap Aerator is available in 3 different flow rates:

  • 3.5 litres per minute
  • 5 litres per minute
  • 7 litres per minute

Spec Sheet

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