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Super Power Suction Cup Corner Rack 2 Shelves

Super Power Suction Cup Corner Rack 2 Shelves

Product Code: 99-sc-cor-2sh
Availability: In Stock
Price: AED 29 AED 21

Size: 320mm x 410mm x 220mm (LxWxH).
Material: Stainless Steel

A set of FREE Universal Super Power Hooks

Simply order any 2 of the following suction cup products or our money saving mega pack and we will send you a pack of complimentary super power universal hooks worth £9 with your order.

Get organised!

Wouldn't it be great if the storage accessories you need to help you keep organised could be installed in a quick, easy, and cost efficient manner? Don't want to spend your free time on DIY? Or use methods that may damage surfaces resulting in holes or marks? Say hello to this range of super power suction cup products!


Fully Adjustable
Powerful Suction
No Tools or glue required
Attaches in seconds
Re-usable - Simply re-position

How they work

The common element in all these products is the unique powered suction mechanism. Adhesion is achieved by rotating the suction cup in a clockwise direction by 60 degrees which locks the suction cup into place - the rotating action results in the suction cup pad becoming curved and forming a strong airtight seal between the outer circumference of the suction pad and the application surface.

Introducing the NEW Adjustable Shower Head Holder

The shower head position can be adjusted in 3 simple ways:
  • Height - Move the bracket up/down the riser bar
  • Angle - Adjust the angle of shower head in the bracket
  • Rotation - The bracket can rotate 180° laterally