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Orbit SoftWater
Orbit SoftWater Orbit SoftWater

Orbit SoftWater

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Experience the world's 1st soft water shower head!

Containing the NEW innovative integrated SoftWater technology

The perfect shower head to combat the following problems:
  • dry or itchy skin after showering
  • trouble getting a good lather
  • hair dry or frizzy despite conditioner use
  • scaly film on showerscreens and tiles
  • scale problems on your showerhead
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Normal Hard Water Feed

  • Hard water contains high amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Hard water has a high surface tension which reduces the foaming and cleaning abilities of soaps.
  • These minerals have a high electrical charge, repel each other and ‘stick’ to surfaces.

With Built-in SoftWater Technology

  • A unique combination of metals causes an electro-chemical catalytic reaction neutralising the scale making properties.
  • Offset discs in core increases velocity of water and turbulence prevents minerals from building up.
  • Electric charge of minerals is lowered, reducing water surface tension and making water ‘wetter’.
  • Hard minerals are changed from large molecules into inactive microscopic particles.