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Energy Nano Fuel Saving Card

Energy Nano Fuel Saving Card

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Please Select Your Card Sizes:
Small (Cars & Motorcycles)
AED 500
Medium (Commercial & Pickups)
AED 1,000
Large (Trucks, Fuel Tanks, Machinery)
AED 2,000

Save up to 30% on UAE fuel Consumption with this simple, innovative and effective technology

Just Stick & Save

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? A simple card that you can stick on the inside of your fuel filler cap which will save you up to 30% in fuel costs?

But it actually works. Our fuel energy cards use the latest in American German Nano technology to optimise the fuel consumption in your vehicle and save you money. The product is fully certified, 100% legal and has been consumer tested too. The card technology is based on beneficial Negative Ions, FIR Rays & Scalar Energy reduce the size of the fuel clusters, thereby improving the quality & combustion efficiency of the hydrocarbon fuel. So your fuel burns more efficiently, thus Saving Fuel, Reducing Wear & Tear & Boosting Engine Performance!

Benefits of using our Fuel Energy Card

  • Simple, fast and clean
  • Tamper free solution
  • High performance levels
  • Green technology
  • No negative impact on health or safety
  • Usable for 3 years

How much can I save?

Regardless of whether you think use your excess fuel or not, the savings in consumption can be as much as 30%. This card can support 10,000+ negative Ions which is the best quality and very latest technology for 2016.

Our cards work with petrol and diesel engines as well as LPG & natural gas systems. It can be used in cars, trucks, pick-ups, vans, commercial vehicles and fuel generators. Emirates Crystal offers three card types designed to work in a range of these vehicles dependent on the particular type – for example a standard road car only requires a small size. A large truck would require a large energy saving card.

Either way, we have a fuel card saving solution to suit your everyday needs – just stick & save