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Energy Nano Electricity Saving Card

Energy Nano Electricity Saving Card

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Save up to 30% on electricity consumption in your UAE premises with this revolutionary new technology

Introducing American German Nano Technology

Energy Nano Electricity Saving Technology allows you to pay an average of 25% less for your electricity bills and is 100% legal. We guarantee you have never seen any product such as this. Thousands of customers in America, Europe and the Far East are already using the card to reduce their bills.

The card creates a vibration using a proprietary energy system that is powerful enough to have an impact on the excess spikes in your electricity supply which has an impact on wastage. It is made up of multiple layers of special piezoelectric materials (Morganite, Tourmaline, Ceramic and Germanium), the card generates a large amount of negative ions which help to “smooth out” electrical distortion in power cables. This process is called Harmonic Mitigation. As much as 30% of electricity can be “saved” this way.

Piezoelectricity is nothing new. It was first discovered 135 years ago – in 1880 – by Pierre and Jacques Curie. The two brothers found that certain materials produced tiny amounts of electrical charges (negative ions) when stress is applied on them. Many industries now use piezoelectric materials to harness FREE energy.

In 2008, Korean inventor, Sung Gwun Choi, created and patented a revolutionary energy saving device that uses a combination of capacitors and piezoelectric materials. Invented in late 2013, our Energy Saving Card was made available commercially in 2014 after consumer tests showed substantial reduction in electricity consumption. The card can be used at home, office, hotel and factory – anywhere in the world

How much can I save?

Commercial buildings and industrial premises already have their electricity usage recorded by meters and are subsequently billed. Regardless of whether you use your excess electricity or not, the electricity savings on your bill can be as much as 30%.

This card can support 10,000+ negative Ions for electricity which is the best quality and very latest technology for 2016