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The Ecocamel descaler uses magnetic fields to change the polarity of compounds in the limescale and stop them sticking to metal surfaces like pipes, immersion heaters and the insides of kettles. This prevents limescale from building up and the magnetic action keeps on working every day to remove any existing limescale as well.

  • Stops limescale build up
  • Removes existing limescale
  • Could cut your utility bills by a further 40%*
  • No additional running costs
  • Cuts CO2 emissions to make you even greener
  • Fits any standard non-magnetic pipes such as copper and plastic pipes up to 15mm outside diameter
  • Gives you even better shower flow
  • Stops kettles and pipes from furring up
  • No extra power needed
  • 12-month no quibble money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied

*Depending on site installations and water hardness

Fitting instructions

Simply take it out of the box, slide it apart, put one half at the back of your mains inlet pipe and slide the top half back onto it. And then just leave it to do its work. No screws, no electricity, just simple, energy efficient magnetism.

There is no maintenance just fit and forget.

NB. Do not handle the magnets if your are on a heart pacemaker or similar as the magnets are very powerful. If you wear a quartz watch or have credit cards nearby remove them before handling the magnets as the magnets will stop your watch and wipe your credit cards clean.